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3 MEGA CRUISER BXD20 available now!

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The Mega Cruiser is a multipurpose vehicle that Toyota Motor produced. Appeared in January 1996 as a civilian for high mobility vehicles for the JGSDF. At the time of appearance, it was also called “Japanese hummer” because of its size and appearance. Megacruiser production ended in 2001 year and only 132 units were produced.

Now 3 Mega Cruiser BXD20 are available.

1996 Black   https://www.everycar.jp/toyota/mega-cruiser/1996/1246980/

1996 White  https://www.everycar.jp/toyota/mega-cruiser/1996/1197001/

2001 White  https://www.everycar.jp/toyota/mega-cruiser/2001/1197076/

It is very hard to find. If you are interested, please do not miss this opportunity.

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