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Sulfur Oxides Surcharge Notice

In October 2016 , the International Maritime Organization's Marine Environmental Protection Commission decided to start a sulfur oxides regulation (SOx regulation) in 2020 that would allow sulfur concentrations of marine fuels used in general waters to be 3.5% to 0.% below current levels.

This SOx regulation will be implemented worldwide from January 2020 to further reduce the adverse effects on human health and the environment due to sulfur oxides (SOx) and particulate matter.

There are three main ways to respond to these regulations: the use of low sulfur fuel oil , the use of scrubbers , and the use of alternative fuels such as LNG. We introduced low sulfur fuel oil from October 2019. Although the introduction of low sulfur fuel oil is more expensive than conventional C heavy oil , it is the most cost effective than the use of scrubbers and alternative fuels of LNG. However , the introduction of SOx surcharge is inevitable.

Please understand.
This global activities is is for SDGs No. 13 [CLIMATE ACTION].

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CEO Yuichiro Watabe

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