Toyota's new luxury wagon “Gran Ace” debuts

TOYOTA announced a new full-size wagon "Gran Ace" on November 25, 2019. Sales will begin on December 16th.

Lineup of 6-seater and 8-seater

The Gran Ace is a new wagon that was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2019. It is positioned as a multi-person passenger car that exceeds the existing "Alphard" and "Vellfire", and mainly responds to needs such as pick-up and movement of key persons in the accommodation and tourism industries.

The body size is total length x width x height = 5300 x 1970 x 1990mm, and the wheelbase is 3210mm. The exterior is characterized by a strong front area with metal decoration, with a metal-like molding at the lower end of the body, an L-shaped rear combination lamp and garnish that creates a personality and quality.

There are two types of indoor variations: 3-row 6-seater specification and 4-row 8-seat specification.

The lineup and prices are as follows.
Gran Ace Premium (6 seater specification): 6.5 million yen
Gran Ace G (8-seater specification): 6.2 million yen

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