Aston Martin New DBX707 New Model

The "DBX 707" uses a ball-bearing turbocharger for the "4.0L V-type 8-cylinder twin-turbo engine" supplied by AMG, has been specially tuned, and has a maximum output of 697 hp (520 kW / 707 PS) and a maximum torque of 900 Nm (). With an output of 663 lb-ft), the maximum output is 155 hp (115 kW / 157 PS) and the maximum torque is 200 Nm (147 lb-ft) higher than the normal model. Equipped with a 9-speed wet clutch automatic transmission for the first time. As a result, the 0-100km / h acceleration time is 3.3 seconds and the maximum speed is 310km / h (193 mph).

Front 420mm (16.5 inch), rear 390mm (15.4 inch) carbon ceramic disc, 6-piston caliper and high performance brake pads are standard equipment. The cooling and hydraulic system have also been improved, and the unsprung weight has been reduced by 40.5kg in total for the four wheels.

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