Significantly improved model of "Forester"

On June 14, 2021, Subaru unveiled a significantly improved model of the "Forester" (Japanese specification) and started accepting pre-orders. The official announcement is scheduled for August of the same year.

In this major improvement, a front mask that incorporates Subaru's design concept "BOLDER" expression and a newly designed aluminum wheel are adopted.
The specifications are more powerful like an SUV. In terms of driving performance, the suspension has been improved in all grades, achieving both suppleness and sportiness at a high level.

Furthermore, the adaptive shift control "e-active shift control" has been expanded to all grades equipped with the mild hybrid "e-BOXER". Equipped with a new generation "EyeSight" in terms of safety performance.

By widening the angle of the stereo camera and improving the software, we support safe driving in a wider range of scenes than ever before.

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