Specification change "NV200 Vanette"

On July 13, 2021, Nissan Motor changed some specifications of the one-box car "NV200 Vanette" and started selling it on the same day.

With this change, the engine has been improved to improve fuel efficiency.
Furthermore, in FF vehicles, the transmission was changed from a 4-speed AT to a CVT, and an idling stop function was added.
As a result, the fuel efficiency of FF vehicles is 13.4-13.6km / liter and that of 4WD vehicles is 11.3km / liter (WLTC mode).

To improve comfort, the reclining adjustment angle for the passenger seat of the van type has been expanded from the conventional 44 ° to 66 °, which is the same as the wagon type.
The "DX" and "VX" grades have the same 190mm front-rear slide function as the "GX" grades.
In addition, an electrically retractable remote control door mirror with a side under mirror (only on the passenger seat side) and antibacterial steering are standard equipment on all models.

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