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Rapid increase in the number of used car exports to Russia

Despite the continued economic sanctions from the world due to the invasion of Ukraine, the soaring ruble has led to a sharp increase in exports of high-priced used cars such as SUVs and minivans to Russia.

The Russian market has always been the number one export destination for used cars from Japan.

Before the invasion of Ukraine, 1 ruble was hovering around 1.5 yen, but after the progress, it plummeted to less than 0.8 yen, but it reversed from late April and soared to 2.5 yen in June. In other words, the ruble has nearly doubled in price over the past few months, and is now nearly three times that price.
It's an extreme analogy, but what you could buy for 1 million yen a few months ago can now be purchased for only 300,000 yen.
The ruble fluctuates wildly, and it is unlikely that the exchange rate will continue at this rate.

Every Co., Ltd. is located in Niigata City, a region that has been exporting a large number of used cars to Russia every month for the past 30 years. I didn't do it, but it might be good to consider it again at this timing.

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