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EVERY Co Ltd is working for SDGs.
Today , let me introduce how can we work for SDGs Goal 4 : QUALITY EDUCATION

There are many children in the world who have a school, but have to rest from school due to severe heat, heavy rain, and long distance problems.
If more children can use the school bus, they can safely go to school and more children can receive better education.

So now we can export any school bus for children by lowest price and best condition.
Of course if we can present some school bus for them , it’s best way , but we are not so big company.
Therefore we try to help for children by our best way. Our best way is to export high quality and good price school buses.

If you are looking for any Japanese Used Bus , please check our buses lists.
[List of Japanese Used Buses (*Click to open)]

Good school bus will make many smiles.
We will continue to work for “SDGs Goal 4 : QUALITY EDUCATION”

Thank you so much.
Best regards,

CEO Watabe

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