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Customer’s voice from Uganda / TOYOTA HIACE VAN KDH206

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This is the customer’s photo who bought TOYOTA HIACE VAN
KDH206V , 2008 YEAR , 3000cc , Manual transmission

TOYOTA HIACE VAN is one of most popular Japanese van in east Africa , especially in Uganda.
Old model (LH119 , LH109 , LH113 , LH103) are also still popular and still not low price.
Because the 2L engine is very very strong and toughness.

And nowadays , this 1KD engine is most popular , and there are so many stock in all Japanese market.
Therefore , if you are looking for any 1KD TOYOTA HIACE VAN , we can find good one IMMEDIATELY.

“IMMEDIATELY” is one of spirits for our company EVERY CO LTD.
We are trying to ,
Immediate response , immediate support for customer , immediate shipping , immediate documents ,,,
all moving so immediately.

If you are looking for TOYOTA HIACE VAN , please check our list.
[List of all TOYOTA HIACE VAN ] (*Click to open)

Thank you so much.
Best regards,

CEO Watabe

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