Damaged Polo is Repair completion.

It became late, but reports it because a vehicle stocked by repair was completed.



Blog introduced it, but the vehicle was stocked in such a state the other day.
Matched this vehicle with the order from visitor and placed an order for a part and repaired it in EVERY.

A lot of cars which have been broken in an accident in this way circulate in Japan.
And a lot of used parts circulate in Japan which the recycling system of the car establishes.
There is the part which is hard to be available, but many parts are used are new and get it in some cases.




I changed only the part which needed exchange this time fora used part.

Repair repairs the possible part and reuses it.

Can reduce the expense that it costs for part charges by doing so it.
Of course I can change it when I buy a perfect part not repair.

There is the merit repairing in Japan elsewhere.
When reset and the setting of the computer are necessary in the case of repair, I can cover it in the repair shop of the maker direct connection.

In addition, a problem disappears for inspection by repairing it in Japan.
I am to reduce the risk of a trouble transporting.

A lot of damage cars are placed in the website of EVERY.

I can perform necessary repair to hope and the budget of the visitor.
Check it now.

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