Engine Model lists of MITSUBISHI FUSO ROSA BUS

MITSUBISHI ROSA Bus have a long history spanning several decades, during which time various engine models have been adopted.
The 4D series engines are still very popular, even though they have been in production for more than 30 years.
Please see the engine models of the Mitsubishi Rosa below.

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BE434F 4D31 3,290 cc 2WD
BE435E 4D32 3,560 cc 2WD
BE435F 4D32 3,560 cc 2WD
BE436E 4D36 3,560 cc 2WD
BE437E 4D33 4,210 cc 2WD
BE437F 4D33 4,210 cc 2WD
BE438E 4D35 4,560 cc 2WD
BE438F 4D35 4,560 cc 2WD
BE439F 4D34 3,900 cc 2WD
BE449F 4D34 3,900 cc 2WD
BE459F 4D34 3,900 cc 2WD
BE632E 4M51 5,240 cc 2WD
BE632G 4M51 5,240 cc 2WD
BE636E 4D36 3,560 cc 2WD
BE63CE 4D33 4,210 cc 2WD
BE63CG 4D33 5,240 cc 2WD
BE63DE 4M50 4,890 cc 2WD
BE63DG 4M50 4,890 cc 2WD
BE63EE 4M51 5,240 cc 2WD
BE63EG 4M51 5,240 cc 2WD
BE640G 4P10 2,990 cc 2WD
BE642G 4M51 5,240 cc 2WD
BE644G 4M50 4,890 cc 2WD
BE64DE 4P10 4,900 cc 2WD
BE64DG 4M50 4,900 cc 2WD
BE64DJ 4M50 4,900 cc 2WD
BE64EG 4M51 5,240 cc 2WD
BE64EJ 4M51 5,240 cc 2WD
BE654G 4M50 4,890 cc 2WD
BE66DG 4M50 4,900 cc 2WD
BG437F 4D33 4,300 cc 2WD
BG438F 4D35 4,560 cc 2WD
BG642G 4M51 5,240 cc 2WD
BG64DG 4M50 4,890 cc 2WD
BG64EG 4M51 5,240 cc 2W