GR brand's first supercar

Toyota unveiled the "GR" brand's first supercar "GR Super Sports Concept" for the first time at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018.
While pursuing the performance comparable to that of a racing car, it was announced that it is undertaking development with marketing in mind.
The possibility of being released in 2020 is high.

It was introduced as a "Road Going Car" consisting of almost the same parts as the racing machine "TS 050" who is currently participating in WEC.
With the commercial version, the maximum output is expected to be 800 ps to 1000 ps with a 2.5 liter V6 twin turbo engine + THS - R.

If it gets marketed, it is a GR Super Sports that is likely to be a direct rival of "F1 of public road specification" and Mercedes "AMG Project ONE" also equipped with a system of racing cars.
The price will be classified as well as spec. It is expected to exceed the 37.5 million yen of the super car "Lexus LFA" sold exclusively worldwide by only 500 units, and it will be the highest amount of 70 million yen class in Toyota commercial model history. The number of units sold will be limited to around 500 units.

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