Honda officially announces new Fit

On February 13, 2020, Honda announced the price of the fourth generation "Honda Fit". Sales start on February 14, 2020.

Despite being a compact hatchback, the selling point has been the large indoor space and the height of the utility. The new model also inherits these features and incorporates a new value of "comfort" that leads to relaxation and healing when traveling by car. The following five specifications are available according to the user's lifestyle / life stage.

BASIC: Basic type with design and comfort. The simple design that makes you feel familiar is adopted.

HOME: High quality and natural textured seats and leather steering wheel. The image is "highly textured, relaxed and discerning space".

NESS: Light and fashionable specifications reminiscent of fitness sports. A highly water-repellent material is used for the seat and the skin of the instrument panel soft pad.

CROSSTAR: An exterior that suits both the city and the outdoors and offers an SUV taste. Seat and instrument panel soft pads are made of highly water-repellent material.

LUXE: A high-end grade equipped with a dedicated genuine leather seat as standard. One of the features is the chrome plating of platinum tone and the 16-inch aluminum wheel of exclusive design.

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