2008 RED VITZ TV! Clean!

This very nice and cute Red VITZ from local customer. Inside is very clean and Red color is clear. It is very difficult to find such a nice used car. There is also a TV and push engine start.

Vitz is a 1.0L-1.5L class hatchback type passenger car sold by Toyota Motor Corporation. Car name outside Japan is Yaris. As a de facto successor of Starlet, it is classified as a B segment (excluding the first generation) in Europe and a subcompact car in North America. It has been produced and sold in Europe since the first generation, and is currently a Japanese car sold in Europe after Nissan and Qashqai. In addition, the global sales volume as of 2017 is 520,000 units, which is the 5th best global strategic car among Toyota cars that surpasses Camry and Prius.

In Japan in 1999, when the first model appeared, there were compact cars such as logos on Demio and March, but basically the emphasis was placed on the low price rather than the built-in. In addition to the conventional sedan, the newly born minivans and crossover SUVs were popular. However, Vitz also attracted the purchasers of traditional sedans with innovative design, interior space, collision safety performance, and high environmental performance by Greek designer Sotilis Kovos, and an explosive hit both in Japan and overseas Record. This caused a five-door compact car boom, and other companies also introduced competitive models such as Fit and March (3rd generation K12 type), which had a major impact on the global compact car market. In that sense, these models are highly regarded not only in Japan but also as "the existence that changed the world's small cars".

Demand for hot hatches is also high, and radical ones such as the “Vitz RS Turbo Powered by TRD” equipped with a diesel turbo unit and a large capacity radiator on the “RS”, and the “Vitz GRMN” equipped with a 1.8L supercharger are also official Has been released. In addition to becoming a WRC manufacturer's champion in motor sports, the Vitz-only one-make race “Nets Cup Vitz Race” and the one-make rally “TRD Vitz Challenge” (currently TGR Rally Challenge) are also held. It has become a vehicle model that is widely loved by professionals and beginners.

2008 VITZ

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