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We can find all Japanese SUVs from markets all over Japan, from old SUVs to new SUVs.
Because we have a used car trading network all over Japan, and we also purchase from local users, so you can search for any SUV from companies and individuals all over Japan.

SUV is an abbreviation for Sport Utility Vehicle, which is also called a sport utility vehicle. The word itself began to spread in the 1980s, but convenient cars that satisfy the concept of SUVs have been sold in the United States since the 1960s.

Originally, it was called an SUV to refer to a model / vehicle model with specific characteristics for sports use, but in recent years, it has been called an SUV to refer to a model / vehicle model that has a wide range of purposes from sports use to city riding. increase. In fact, there are no strict rules for SUVs. Models that do not have 4WD or off-road performance are now also classified as SUVs.

Therefore, various SUVs with rich individuality are sold by each automobile manufacturer, and users who choose SUVs can choose the most suitable SUV for their lifestyle from a wide lineup.

Also, in the used car market, the distribution volume is active, centering on the popular SUVs of yesteryear. From the latest model new SUVs to the highly acclaimed used SUVs, the wide range of choices is one of the attractions of SUVs.

SUVs made in Japan are very popular from all over the world, and there are a wide variety of SUVs.
Especially, TOYOTA PRADO , TOYOTA LAND CRUISER , LEXUS LX , TOYOTA HARRIER , NISSAN SAFARI , SUBARU FORESTER , X-TRAIL , SUZUKI ESCUDO, MAZDA CX-5 , etc are popular, and there is a lot of demand from all over the world regardless of the model year.

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