How to import from Japan

How to import used Japanese cars from Japan to Mongolia

Mongolia has a large market for Japanese used cars, and many Japanese cars are exported to Mongolia every year.
We have been exporting Japanese used cars, agricultural machinery and spare parts to Mongolia since 2006.
Our CEO has visited Mongolia more than 10 times and has a very deep understanding of the country.

Like many other countries, Mongolia also imports Japanese used cars. Before the 1990s, the Mongolian automobile market was dominated by Russian-made cars. Today, it has shifted to Japanese and Korean vehicles. However, Japanese cars dominate the market. The reason is durability and reliability of these cars.

[Shipping Port]
Ulan Bator and Tianjin Port are two of the most popular ports in Mongolia.

[Age Limit]
Mongolia does not impose the age restriction on the used cars imported into Mongolia.

[Taxation in Mozambique]
VAT (Value Added Tax)-13%.
Customs duty: 5% of invoice value

[Excise tax]
1500cc or less vehicle engine (cylinder) capacity:
0-3 years : 500 USD
4-6 years : 1,000 USD
7-9 years : 2,000 USD
10 years and above : 6,000 USD

1501cc to 2500cc Vehicle Engine (Cylinder) Capacity
0-3 years : 1,500 USD
4-6 years : 2,000 USD
7-9 years : 3,000 USD
10 years and more : 7000 USD

2501cc to 3500cc Vehicle Engine (Cylinder) Capacity:
0-3 years : 2,000 USD
4-6 years : 2,500 USD
7-9 years : 4,000 USD
10 years and older: 8,000 USD

3501cc to 4,500cc Vehicle Engine (Cylinder) Capacity
0-3 years : 4,500 USD
4-6 years : 5,000 USD
7-9 years : 6,500 USD
10 years and more : 10.500 USD

4501cc and above vehicle engine (cylinder) capacity:
0-3 years : 7,000 USD
4-6 years : 7,500 USD
7-9 years : 9000 USD
10 years and more : 13000 USD

[Customs Declaration Fees]
US$5 for basic declaration.
US$8 for basic Intensive and Simplified declaration.
US$5 for each additional declaration.
Payments for the services charged are to be made in MNT at the daily US Dollar rate.

[Required Documentation]
1.Original Certificate of Title and Registration
2.Commercial/purchase invoice :- showing date of purchase and price
3.Driver's License & International Insurance Policy (Green Card)
4.Original Bill of Lading and Non Sale Certificate

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