Kubota is the domestic largest agricultural equipment manufacturer. Currently we are focusing on strengthening overseas market, as well as domestic market share No. 1.

Domestic market share accounts for about 40% of the total, and it is gaining high popularity as a representative manufacturer in Japan even in the world. Among agricultural machinery, tractors are being loved around the world with overwhelming demand. "Kubota is Tractor", "Tractor is Kubota" Such brand power has been established, many farmers have purchased Kubota because everyone uses it and has a good reputation. The characteristic of Kubota is durability with few failures. Even now, old models in the 1980s and 1990s are active in many active and active countries both in Japan and abroad. 

Kubota is a leading global agricultural equipment manufacturer in Japan and boasts a high share in overseas markets. Especially in developing countries, old models in the 1980s and 1990s are popular, secondhand car prices are circulating at a high level that overwhelm the competitors of the same year, horsepower manufacturer.

Tractor is an overwhelming popular item among Kubota. In the 1970s, he released the first tractor in Japan, and he has carved his name in history as a pioneer of tractors made in Japan. Especially overseas, gasoline engines are mainstream, overcoming the weaknesses of small size diesel engines, models with high power and high durability have been evaluated and have developed into a global farm equipment manufacturer. Currently we are offering a wide range of small, medium and large models. In the second hand market, the L1 series and the GL series are popular, and the old L series are trade at high prices depending on the model.

Kubota is currently ranked No. 1 in domestic market share of combine. Since 2003, we have greatly expanded our domestic market share by hitting a small combine aero star joikam Jr jointly developed with Mitsubishi and supplied with OEM.

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