Today I'd like to introduce another farming machine maker, YANMAR. I know they are producing engines, construction equipment, small boats, etc not only farming machines.

Yanmar is the 2nd company of farming machine market in Japan according to the research in 2012. Yanmar's strength is their developing technology of a diesel engine. Their diesel engine which can change its power-mode with pushing a button is very famous in the market. The CIO of Yanmar is saying the sales for overseas exceeded 50% of total amounts in 2016. He's considering to rise the percentage more and more.

The total population in the world is increasing. That means farming & crops from the industry must be expanded. We are sure that we can contribute with exporting these farming machines and trucks, cars.

Our Yanmar machine stock list is here.

The design concept of new Yanmar tractor. They said it was designed by Mr.Okuyama who has undertaken the design of Ferrari.

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