Lexus new GX550 full model change

Lexus will make a full model change of the "GX" and release the new "GX550" in 2023. Possibly it will be unveiled for the first time in the world around the end of 2022. The trademark application for "GX550" was filed with the Japan Patent Office on September 1, 2021. Business application 2021-108677. There is a high possibility that it will be introduced in Japan at this timing.

The "GX", which has not been released until 2021 in Japan, is a model located between the highest-end "LX" and the crossover SUV "RX" and is a sister model of the "Land Cruiser Prado". Of course, it is based on the "Land Cruiser Prado" which will undergo a full model change around August 2022, and by adopting a ladder frame based on the newly developed "GA-F platform" called "TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture)". , It is possible to obtain a wider interior space than the old model. By adopting a newly developed platform such as achieving high aerodynamic performance, "lower center of gravity" and "improved body rigidity" have achieved a significant evolution from the old model. Achieve weight reduction.

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