Mazda North American Operations, which oversees Mazda's North American business, unveiled the new model "Mazda CX-50" for the first time in the world on November 15, 2021.

The Mazda CX-50 is a new type of crossover SUV that offers both on-road comfort and high ability to run on rough roads. Mazda said about the car, "It stands out in nature, combining the elegant quality of Mazda's design theme" Kodo-SOUL of MOTION "with the strength and tough functionality required for SUVs. A crossover SUV that gives off a strong presence. "

In addition to ensuring a sufficient minimum ground clearance for outdoor leisure, the latest 4WD system "i-Activ AWD" is used for the drive system. The newly developed drive mode selector "Mazda Intelligent Drive Select (Mi-Drive)" also has modes for rough road driving and towing driving. It also emphasizes loadability, and in addition to a luggage compartment designed to easily load and fix outdoor equipment, it is also equipped with a high-strength roof rail.

The power unit is a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, and a naturally aspirated unit and a turbo unit are available. In both cases, the transmission is combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission. A hybrid model will be added within a few years.

Production is scheduled to begin in January 2022 at the new Mazda Toyota Manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama.

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