TOYOTA MEGA COASTER = Mega Cruiser × Coaster

Hello, this is Ikeda.
It snows in Niigata, Japan.
I introduce a very strong car to such a snow-covered road and bad road.

Toyota Coaster

However, it is slightly different from Toyota Coaster which you know.
I will explain the contents.

Do you know the car called Toyota Mega Cruiser??

Toyota Mega Cruiser is a large, heavy-duty four wheel drive vehicle introduced by Toyota in 1995.
The largest 4WD ever built by Toyota, it resembled the Hummer H1, and like the Hummer,
was designed primarily for military use with the Mega Cruiser seeing duty as infantry transport,
a light prime mover for heavy mortars, and mobile Surface-to-air missiles in the Japan Self Defense Forces.
The military version as the BXD10, and the civilian version is known as a BXD20.

This roller coaster is the special model who adopted an engine and the drive system of the mega cruiser.
A tire of special size. 37×12.50R17.5 8PR LT
It's put length, and the suspension becomes the 4-wheel independent suspension with a torsion bar spring and the double wishbone like a high movement car.
Because a torsion bar is long, the top and bottom limit of the foot circumference is very big.
Hub reduction become able to give hub in itself a slowdown system, and it is small and controls the slowdown ratio and permission torque capacity of diff,
and even the ratio to slow in the same last can downsize a demister case more, and it is enabled to earn a lot of minimum freeboard more.
On the contrary, I become able to give you stronger driving force by preparing larger-scale diff.

Chassis in itself stretched the chassis of the mega cruiser.
Other specifications.
The minimum freeboard is 45cm.
4-wheel independent suspension & rear wheel single tire.
It is 9,500 pounds grade winch back and forth.
The device which a trailer of 3 tons can pull.
The work light which there was back and forth.
The seat can make a 29 sheet.

The number of the seats of the roller coaster is united with the running performance of the mega cruiser.
Of course the steep grade can run like a mega cruiser, too.
It is the special model whom there are only 50units in the world.

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