MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER Three units | Customer's review from DR Congo

The customer sent the video and photo of the MITSUBISHI FUSO FIGHTER three units which he bought from

KK-FK71GE / 6M61 Engine
KK-FK61FK / 6M60 Engine
PA-FK61FK / 6M60 Engine

Review :
[I bought three Fuso Fighter to DR congo from EVERYCAR Japan.
These trucks are so special condition and very special support from EVERY Co Ltd Japan, thank you so much EVERY Japan.Thank you so much again and again.]

We are very touched by these reports.
Japan and the DRC are countries more than 12,000 kilometers apart, and we sincerely hope that these three used trucks will be in service for many years to come.

Mitsubishi Fuso is the commercial vehicle division of Mitsubishi Motors and manufactures trucks and buses used around the world.The FK71GE and FK61FK are models in Mitsubishi Fuso's "Fighter" series of medium-duty trucks. The following is a brief description of each model.

1. FK71GE
The FK71GE is a 4-ton class medium duty truck of the Fighter series. This model is mainly used in the transportation, construction and agricultural industries. It is powered by an 8,201 cc, 6M61 diesel engine that delivers maximum power of 167 hp and maximum torque of 608 N-m. This model also offers excellent safety and environmental performance, with advanced safety equipment and a clean diesel engine that complies with emission regulations.

2. FK61FK
Like the FK71GE, the FK61FK is Fighter's medium-duty 4-ton truck. It is powered by a 7,545 cc, 6M60 diesel engine that delivers maximum power of 199 hp and maximum torque of 785 N-m. This model also features a clean diesel engine that delivers superior safety and environmental performance, meeting advanced safety and emissions regulations.

Both models are designed for fuel efficiency and ease of driving, supporting comfortable operation for the driver.

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