What's the difference of Canter & Canter Guts??

Mitsubishi Canter & Canter Guts are ones of the most famous trucks in Japan. They look similar very much. What do you think their difference is?

Mitsubishi Canter is the small truck model of Mitsubishi Fuso. But the max carring capacity is 1.75 from 4.8 ton (Depends on the model & installation). The engine is from 2000cc to 7000cc (There's 8200cc model named as Canter Wide but the base is Fighter).

Canter Guts is 1.5 ton model. Engine is 2000~3700cc. Canter Guts is lighter model in all Canter series. Differential gear and tire sizes etc are smaller than Canter also. This model is liked especially as a delivery truck  in city.

Mitsubishi & Nissan are in an interested relationship. Latest model Canter has been provided to NISSAN. They have been sold as NT450 Atlas.

 Fuso Canter (ORIGINAL)NT450 Atlas (OEM)

Nissan Atlas (1.5 ton) has been provided to Mitusbishi instead of it. They have been sold as Canter Guts now.


 Fuso Canter Guts (OEM)

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