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4D34 Engine

MITSUBISHI ROSA, which has a 4D engine, is traded at a high price in the market.
Although this bus is 30 years old, it is very popular in the Japanese market. Many MITSUBISHI ROSA are exported overseas every month, but the rarity value of MITSUBISHI ROSA with a 4D engine is increasing day by day, and the market price is soaring. The 4D34 engine is extremely tough, easy to repair and has a long service life, making it very popular in the Ugandan market.

A successor to the 4D3-4DR diesel engine, and a small OHV diesel engine developed for passenger cars. Starting with the 3,298 cc 90 PS 4D30 type installed in the Canter in 1978, the 4D31 (3,298 cc 100 PS), a direct injection diesel turbo, and the 3,567 cc 110 PS 4D32 appeared in 1985. After that, the lineup was expanded to 4D33 (4,214 cc), 4D34 (3,907 cc), 4D35 (4,561 cc), and 4D36 (improved version of 3,567 cc/4D32). continues to exist.

4D34 Engine :

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