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This is the new feature of our website.
You can check the cars which you saw by your laptop or smart phone.
This will be making easier about searching your orders.

If you can check the cars , you never loose your wishing car which you saw once.
You can check them anytime when you open everycar.jp
And these is 25 units which you saw last time : https://www.everycar.jp/history-list.php
(If you don’t check any car yet , there is no information in the page)

Web marketing and web support is one of our biggest strategy.
Web technology will evolve more and more in near future.
If our website is earsier to use , your order is make easier too.

And , our team think that our website is “Showroom”.
We wish that all customers will be happy if anybody come to our “Showroom”.
We are thinking like this every time.

Therefore , if you have any question or any opinion and any idea , please let us know.
We will make it to our website.

Thank you so much.
Best regards,

CEO Watabe

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