ISUZU is scheduled to open "ISUZU PLAZA" in 8th April 2017.
"ISUZU PLAZA" is build in ISUZU's 80 year since it was established.

There is a community area to promote exchange and coexistence with the local community through the museum area that introduces the role in society, holding production classes and supporting factory tours.

We will introduce the museum area of interest to car lovers.
First of all, it is 1924 "Woosley CP type" that welcomes visitors at the entrance hall.
Isuzu's origin is the oldest track company in existence.

There are 110 successive Isuzu cars reproduced in the model of 1/330.
A one-off model that is not commercialized is mesh pushing.
This is also a corner where you can not miss it for maniacs.

Not only Isuzu fans and car lovers, but also from children to maniacs, It is an "edutainment facility" that anyone can learn as car lovers can learn at the same time.