OUTLANDER plug-in hybrid model

On October 14, 2021, Mitsubishi Motors unveiled the design of the new "Outlander" plug-in hybrid model (PHEV) scheduled to be released in mid-December of the same year.

The new Outlander adopts a new concept "BOLD STRIDE" based on Mitsubishi's original SUV design that strongly expresses the functions. It is said that the whole body expresses the dignified appearance, the strength to step on the ground, and the reliability to take a new step.

In the exterior, Mitsubishi's original front mask "Dynamic Shield" has been renewed to create a front design with a strong presence. The proportions from the front to the rear end are thick and horizontal, and an edgy character line is added to the body with a taut surface structure. The 20-inch large-diameter wheels that give the impression of powerful and reliable driving and the fender flares that surround them are also highlights. Around the rear, it features a tailgate with a hexagonal surface that looks like it has been carved out of a lump, and a tail lamp that extends to both ends of the body.

As for the body color, "Black Diamond" is newly added to the existing "Diamond Color" series of "White Diamond" and "Red Diamond". We have a lineup of 10 colors centered on these.

The interior, which aims to create a high-quality space, uses a horizontal instrument panel that makes it easy to grasp changes in vehicle body posture during driving. A wide range of soft pads are used for the door trim, and many pads are stitched. Monitors and meters are focused on visibility, and selectors, dials, and switches are focused on moderation during operation, pursuing quality that appeals not only to the sense of sight but also to the sense of touch.

The PHEV of the new Mitsubishi Outlander will be officially announced at the online launch of the special website at 12:30 on October 28, 2021.

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