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Ranking of Country for Japanese Used Car Export / April 2016

Japanese used car export data for April 2016 is announced.

[Ranking Top 20 on April 2016 / Units]

1.Myanmar / 14,665
2.UAE / 14,202
3.New Zealand / 10,404
4.Chile / 9,399
5.Pakistan / 4,993
6.Kenya / 4,792
71.Russia / 4,241
8.South Africa / 4,023
9.Bangladesh / 3,942
10.Tanzania / 3,545
11.Georgia / 3,219
12.Mongolia / 3,161
13.Philippines / 3,012
14.Malaysia / 2,513
15.Singapore / 2,014
16.Uganda / 1,942
17.Jamaica / 1,907
18.Sri Lanka / 1,417
19.Afghanistan / 1,255
20.Mozambique / 1,160
Total / 114,946

The total is decreased 6,417 units since last year.
Myanmar is lead on April.
But top 3 countries are not changed so long time.

Singapore is increasing 200% than last year.
But Afghanistan is increasing 1500% , it's so surprise !
I don't know the reasons why does the country increase so much.

On this year , buying power of East African countries are decreased.
But I think it will be inrease soon again because East Africa has many people and most people are needed Japanese Used Car.
Of course other most countries are needed Japanese Used Car.

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Answer No.1 : High quality cause by effort of Japanese car maker
Answer No.2 : Many maintenance
Answer No.3 : Japanese spirits

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