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Characteristics of the Japanese used car market


Hi , this is CEO Watabe.
I want to update many thing which I think for any Japanese car market.

Today , I update about biggest different point between Used Car market in Japan and our customer's countries.
This is merely my opinion , but I visit many countries and I saw many Used Car market for many countries , and I thought this thing.

I think the biggest different point of it is "Conditions" of the products in show room.

Japanese user is very strict.
If there is too small dents which you can not look , the customer does not like.
Of course it's not all , but there are so many these like customers in Japanese Market.

And in Japanese user must get inspection "SHAKEN" by Japanese goverment per 2 years.
If the user can not get the inspection , the car is not able to use in any Japanese road.
Regarding SHAKEN system , we already updated to another entry. If you are interested , please check it.
[Why Japanese used cars are most popular in all over the world ? – Answer No.2]

So , Used cars in Japanese road are most good condition , and disabled cars on road are only a little.
But of course the selling price of Japanese car shop is very expensive.
And some of them are put big cost for maintenance. It's over 2000US$ !!

I visit many countries , and I notice the biggest different point.

Of course , the car market in our customer's countries is good and I like because their products are so reasonable prices.
So I think both market are good for each sure.

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Let's work together !!

Best Regards,

CEO Watabe


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