Learning about Japanese car market

Ranking of sales volume for automobile company in the world


[Performance of 2014year]
No.1 TOYOTA (Japan) / 10.2 million(units)
No.2 VOLKSWAGEN (Germany) / 10.1 million
No.3 GM (USA) / 9.9 million

No.4 NISSAN and RENAULT (Japan and France) / 8.5 million
No.5 HYUNDAI (Korea) / 7.7 million
No.6 FORD (USA) / 6.3 million
No.7 FIAT and CHRYSLER (Italy)‎ / 4.6 million
No.8 HONDA (Japan) / 4.3 million
No.9 PEUGEOT and CITROEN (France) / 2.9 million
No.10 SUZUKI (Japan) / 2.9 million

There are four Japanese automobile company in the 10 company and TOYOTA is No.1 company (also 2015 year too).
And also NISSAN and HONDA and SUZUKI is strong too.
of course other Japanese car brands (MITSUBISHI , ISUZU , MAZDA , SUBARU etc) are making good cars too , but they are not in this ranking.
But you know and we believe that Japanese cars are most popular quality in the world.

This is brand new car sales ranking , but of course if it's used car ranking , Japanese brands is overwhelming No.1.
Japanese used car export volume is 1.2 million units per 1 year , it's so big and so many people in the world love Japanese used car.
And also there are many European and American brands used cars in Japanese market too.

Why Japanese used cars are most popular in all over the world ?
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Answer No.1 : High quality cause by effort of Japanese car maker
Answer No.2 : Many maintenance
Answer No.3 : Japanese spirits

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