Toyota has made a full model change of the new RAV 4 and was discontinued in Japan in 2016, but it is scheduled to be resold and released on April 10, 2019.


Unlike the 4th generation RAV 4, it is a design of outdoor thinking like the first generation and the second generation, and it becomes a powerful and bold design that followed the tradition of Toyota SUV such as land cruiser with "octagon (octagon)" as a motif. "XSE Hybrid" "Limited" "Adventure" is prepared for overseas grades, there are differences in front grille and front bumper design respectively.

From the new model which is the fourth generation in Japan and the fifth generation overseas, the newly developed platform called GA - K platform adopted in the new type Camry TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) new camry introduced in 2015 from the new Prius To adopt a lot of techniques. This makes it possible to obtain a wider interior space than the current model.

By adopting a newly developed platform such as realizing high aerodynamic performance "low center of gravity", "body rigidity UP" and fulfill great evolution from the current model.

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