On June 10, 2021, Toyota unveiled the new "Land Cruiser" online for the first time in the world. It is a model that replaces the previous "200 series" and will be the "300 series". 

While inheriting the Land Cruiser's heritage, the exterior considers the lamp position and bumper molding so that it is less likely to be damaged during off-road driving. For the interior, functional beauty as an off-road car is pursued, such as the adoption of a horizontal instrument panel that makes it easy to grasp the posture of the car even in rough road conditions.

Detailed specifications such as vehicle size have not been announced yet, but with an emphasis on rough road running performance, each size such as overall length, overall width, wheelbase, departure angle and approach angle will follow the conventional type except for some grades. Explained.

The power train uses newly developed 3.5-liter gasoline and 3.3-liter diesel engines, and two V6 twin-turbo engines. By downsizing from the conventional V8 engine, the overall length of the engine has been shortened, and the front heavy movement of the 200 series has been greatly improved.

Now that we haven't waited for electrification, the reason why we haven't made it a hybrid is probably because of its toughness and maintainability that can be maintained in any environment.

Both transmissions use the newly developed Direct Shift-10AT (10-speed AT). Toyota estimates that "annual CO2 emissions when using vehicles can be reduced by about 10% for all vehicles globally" by improving engine efficiency, increasing the number of automatic transmissions, and reducing the weight of the entire vehicle by as much as 200 kg.

Regarding the ability to run on rough roads, which is the key to the Land Cruiser, in addition to improving the basic performance of the suspension (wheel articulation: tire difficulty in floating), the world's first E-KDSS (Electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System) is installed. , Improved grounding.

A "multi-terrain monitor" that visualizes obstacles from the driver's point of view and a "multi-terrain select" that determines the road surface and automatically selects the mode have also been adopted.

Of course, the preventive safety package "Toyota Safety Sense" is also equipped. Pre-crash safety that detects pedestrians (day and night) and cyclists (day) and contributes to collision avoidance or damage reduction, crossing pedestrian detection function that comes from the front when an oncoming straight vehicle at an intersection or turning left or right, by the driver An emergency steering avoidance support function has been added to support steering and lane deviation suppression triggered by avoidance steering.

Safety equipment will be at the latest level, including a new parking support brake that recognizes front and rear obstacles in the parking lot, approaching vehicles when reversing, and pedestrians, and contributes to accident prevention.

The new Land Cruiser is scheduled to go on sale after the summer of 2021.

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