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Three customer support by EVERYCAR.JP for corona shock

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Now the world is confused by corona shock.
Our company receives a lot of news from all over the world.
Therefore, we provide three support so that customers can always place orders with peace of mind even during the corona shock.

1.Payment terms
Normally , our payment terms is 100% before shipping. But now , many customers have cash issue cause by corona shock.
Therefore , our payment terms is changed to 70% before shipping.

2.Special discount
I think , the average cost of Japanese used cars and trucks and buses are descended cause by corona shock soon.
Therefore , I will be able to make special discount till to finish the corona shock.
The discount price are difference for each order. Therefore , please send inquiry if you want to order any.

3.Respond to any inquiry about Corona issue
We have big network and many partners in the world , so we can know any issue of corona shock. For example , shipping news , and situation of inspection , etc. So if you have any inquiry of Corona shock , please inquiry to us.

These support is till to the 15th April.
We try our best for all customer’s smile.
I hope the world economy will stabilize as soon as possible.

If you have any inquiry anything , please let us know without hesitate.

Best regards,

Yuichiro Watabe

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