Japanese Auto Auction in Niigata Japan

There is many car auction in Japan.


The history is very old.
In the origin of the beginning of auto auction in Japan, "the first Toyota used car auction" that Toyota used auto sales Co., Ltd. held in 1967 is said to be the origin of the used car auction in Japan. [1]In the form that an exhibitor, a used car distributor said to with a successful bidder a maker system car distributor, the auction by the hand Japanese parsley method was held for the purpose of a market circulating by the increase of the part-exchange vehicle as the by-product of the new car sale or store overstorage vehicle with acceleration of becoming it motorization with the rapid economic growth in the held scene. In addition, I collect data and the images of the exhibition vehicle without bringing a vehicle into the auction meeting place, and it is aucnet that went the TV auction (image exhibition) to hold auction at an exclusive terminal for the first time in Japan In 1985.


The exhibition vehicle in the auction meeting place really moved a vehicle to cross in front of bid seat in Japanese parsley and was performed once. Was able to look at a state or the color of movement and the exhaust gas of the vehicle in Japanese parsley, but push the firmness car, and progress of the Japanese parsley is disturbed by a vehicle guidance worker of the meeting place when there is (running out of gas, immovable car) when have a problem with a vehicle; had a problem. In addition, there was the problem that an auction guest exceeded a bid seat, and the enlargement of the bid seat became the urgent business, but there were the cases that could not enlarge a building of the bid seat in the meeting place which a vehicle took you, and was done and photographed the state of the lane which a vehicle really ran by vehicle guidance there in a video camera, and a method to televise screen in an away meeting place came to be performed for the first time in CAA central part meeting place by the increase in member member.


The car auction that is a part of the Japanese car culture in this way.
I suggest the car which matched the hope of the visitor from a certain car auction most a lot every day in EVERY and sell it.
Please tell me the car which you want.
I look for it immediately from all over Japan and suggest it!!

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