USED CARS & SPARE PARTS Container Shipping

If you can , you should buy cars and parts by container shipping because the total shipping cost is very lower than RORO Ship.
So we are recommended for container shipping !

We have arranged many container shipping for a long time. We can put some parts into the container with used cars together also.

[STEP 1] Choose your cars & parts and decide a container size.

We'll advice how many and what kind of cars can be fit into your container. Here is the container size information. Generally 40 feet hi-cube can hold 4~5 passenger cars.

40 feet & 20 feet

[STEP2] Used cars & parts will be gathered at the loading yard.

Please note storage fee will be required since 31 days from carried-in date.

[STEP3] Loaded into container.

RIMG7273  RIMG7261

Some parts may be took off to be when it'll be loaded. These parts will be shipped into the car or in the container directly.


[STEP4] The container will be carried into the port.