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TOYOTA COASTER HZB50 was ordered from Tanzania

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TOYOTA COASTER is most popular Japanese bus.
Especially , this model HZB is most popular in TOYOTA COASTER.

HZB model has 1HZ engine , the engine is very strong and very toughness , so it will be able to use so long long time.
It’s 4,160cc non turbo , diesel engine.

And most popular type is manual transmission and 29seats because it will be used for city bus.Thereare so many people who are using city bus.
When I visited to East Africa , there are so many city bus.
The buses are so comfortable and low cost.

So I thought it is very nice idea for the people and business too.

If you are looking any TOYOTA COASTER bus , please check our list.


Best regads,

CEO Watabe

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