On April 5, 2021, Toyota Motor Corporation unveiled the world premiere of the new sports car "GR 86," which is scheduled to go on sale in Japan around the fall of the same year.

The GR 86 is an FR sports car jointly developed by Toyota with Subaru, and is the successor model to the "Toyota 86" that appeared in 2012. In addition, it will be the third global model following "GR Supra" and "GR Yaris" in the sports car brand "GR" developed by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing. When developing the GR 86 and the second-generation Subaru BRZ, which is a sister model of the car, Toyota and Subaru are focusing on giving each individual a "different driving taste" while sharing the base of the car. .. As a result of pursuing "86-like taste evolution that pleases 86 fans," Toyota said that it has realized "direct and comfortable driving at a higher level, specializing in sports performance." As for the body, we pursued a lower center of gravity by keeping the overall height lower while keeping the package and size from the conventional type. The exterior features a "functional matrix grill" exclusively for GR vehicles and aerodynamic items that are also equipped on 86 motor sports vehicles. By installing air outlets and side sill spoilers, steering response and maneuvering We are trying to improve stability. On the other hand, in the interior, the hip point of the occupant has been changed to a lower position to contribute to lowering the center of gravity. The design around the instrument panel, which has become a horizontal tone, is also different from the conventional type, and the 7-inch TFT display installed instead of the meter adopts an opening animation with the movement of the piston of the horizontally opposed engine as a motif. ing.

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