Toyota new type Sienta hybrid minor change

【Current Sienta】

Toyota will undergo a minor change of the new Sienta and will begin selling on September 11, 2018.
The special version car "G Cuero" sold from August 1, 2017 will be abolished.

The minor change in about three years Sienta adopts the newest design, with design changes of exterior, front, rear and aluminum designs made. Changed the tail lamp design. Two-tone color is newly added to the body color, and a new color is added.

Equipped with LED sequential turn lamp (flowing turn signal).
Specifications of the interior are also changed, and part of the texture and design is changed.
9 inch navi correspondence. (Dealer option T-Connect Navi 9 inch model added)

Furthermore, this minor change (a part improvement) is carried out and it is equipped as standard on all the next generation Toyota Safety Sense. Adopts a collision avoidance support package that unifies the name of "Toyota Safety Sense P / C" so far to "Toyota Safety Sense", "Pre-crash safety (laser radar + monocular camera)" that enables detection of pedestrians in the daytime . As a result, the vehicle equipped with the option intelligent clearance sonar (parking support brake) is "Safety support car S <Wide>" (Sapporo S <Wide> target car).

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