TOYOTA VANGUARD in Tanzania with EVERY's logo.

One of Tanzania customer sent me a photo of TOYOTA VANGUARD with the EVERY's logo sticker on it.
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The TOYOTA VANGUARD is a Japanese car that was manufactured until 2012. Since it is no longer manufactured, it cannot be imported in Kenya, which has a model year regulation, but many TOYOTA VANGUARD imported into Kenya by then will still be active on Kenya's roads.

TOYOTA VANGUARD was born as Toyota's luxury medium SUV.
A luxury SUV with a spacious interior that seats 7 people in 3 rows and was developed under the theme of "Active & Luxury".
There are two types of on-board units: a V6 3.5L engine (280 horsepower) and an in-line 4-cylinder 2.4L engine (170 horsepower).
Grade variations are "350S" and "240S" according to displacement.
It will be a substantial successor to Kruger.

Vanguard is a Toyota SUV with people all over the world. The 2,400cc model is very popular and is still trading at high prices in the Japanese domestic market.
It is a versatile SUV that Toyota is proud of, which can run on rough roads and can carry a family for long-distance driving.

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