JAPANESE USED CAR AUCTION Learning about Japanese car market

What is Japanese used car auction ?

Answer : Biggest Japanese car market

Do you know most Japanese car exporter's stocks are from Japanese used car auction ?
Japanese used car auction is too big market.

There are over 50 auction place in Japan and there are over 100,000 units are appeared in every week !
For example , most used car export company's stocks are over 20,000 units.
But Japanese auction has over 100,000 units every week ,,, It's too big market !

This auction place is "USS TOKYO" which have over 10,000 units every week.
This is biggest used car auction in all over the world.



Japanese car auction is able to use only for Japanese car dealer ( including exporter ).End user is not able to use the auction system and not able to go to the place.

This is flow of Japanese car auction market.
1.Japanese car dealer is get cars from end user.
2.They try to sell the cars in auction.
3.Japanese car dealer and exporter try to get them and bid.
4.Bidding price will be raise and raise , and will be succed.
5.Next owner will be sell the car or export.
It's so simple.
Therefore , most Japanese car dealer and exporter are using this auction system.

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