Learning about Japanese car market

Why Japanese used cars are most popular in all over the world ? – Answer No.3


Answer No.3 : Japanese spirits

Many Japanese people are efforts to customer's service.
They have big passion for thier work.
This is most important thing for business.

[God is in the details]
Many Japanese people have a strong preference for product making and service.
We are uncompromising anything for customer happiness.

[The mind taking care of a thing]
Many Japanese people are moving for somebody not only themselvs.
For example , when there was big earthquake in Japan on 2011 , many Japanese people worked as a volunteer.
And all victims cooperate for each.
This is very beautiful Japnaese spirits.

Many Japanese people are cleanliness so much.
They wash thier cars frequently.
They make maintenance for engine frequently.
So they can use their cars for long time.

This is most important Japanes spirits.
Many Japanse people have this spirits and they take it for granted.
Hospitality will make customer's happiness by all means.

There are many other kinds of Japanese spirits.
And these spirits are making most popular car product in the world.

Our company are trying to make customer support by these Japanese spirits too.
We are trying our best support for all customers.


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We do our best work for all customer’s partnership.
It’s for SDGs Goal number 17 “PARTNERSHIP FOR THE GOALS”
Let's work together !!

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