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Toyota Motor upgraded the compact hybrid “Aqua” and released it on July 1, 2019.
In this improvement, the exterior is brushed up by changing the design of the front grille and wheel cap and the decoration of the rear combination lamp. For exterior color, 11 colors (“crossover” are all 12 colors) including “Thermo tech rim green” (option) which is a new setting color are set.

In the interior, the “G” grade seat skin is dark brown based, and when red is selected for the “S” grade interior color, the passenger side color of the instrument panel is black and the air conditioner outlet is added I made the decoration red.
In the safety equipment, a “panoramic view monitor” that can check the situation around the vehicle on the navigation screen at the time of parking is newly set as a manufacturer package option and can be selected in all grades. The “reverse interlocking function automatic motorized retractable remote control colored door mirror” is installed as a standard in some grades, which automatically turns down the mirror and makes it easy to check the parking line etc. In addition, all models are equipped with a heated door mirror, which removes frost and frost that has accumulated.


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