The Pajero Mini was launched in 1994 as a mini-car that maximized the Pajero technology. As for the grade, "I" and "II" were combined by the difference of the equipment to two types of "XR" of NA engine and "VR" of turbo engine. Build-in-frame monocoque structure in which the car body of this model that achieves strong power by mounting a 1-cylinder 5-valve in-line 4-cylinder DOHC 20 valve engine has a pressed member welded to a floor pan like a ladder frame It is. Both high safety and stability were achieved, such as clearing the 40 km / h frontal crash occupant restriction value regulations and the 1994 safety enhancement regulations, and equipping a four-wheel ABS / SRS airbag system. There are two types of drive methods, FR and part-time 4WD named Easy Select 4WD. Four-wheel drive transfer is equipped with a Hi / Low 2-speed auxiliary transmission.

A full model change in 1998. A twin scroll turbo is attached to an in-line four-cylinder DOHC 20-valve engine with a single-cylinder five-valve engine. It achieves stable lean combustion by performing longitudinal vortex stratified intake by Mitsubishi's environment mini-engine "lean-burn MVV", and the safety of this model that recorded low fuel consumption is a unique monocoque high rigidity body Based on, we adopt "crushable body structure" to absorb and ease energy at the time of collision and equip with "brake assist mechanism" to support brake in emergency and realize superior stability etc. The original concept is the same as the predecessors, but it has an on-road-focused image strategy and product configuration, and from the existence of derived vehicle models such as "Duke" and "Links" that arrange the front design for young people I can see it too. With regard to the drive system, the engine has been improved to improve the torque for both the turbo and naturally aspirated specifications, and for the AT, all cars have been upgraded to the fourth speed compared to the previous third. The tachometer is also standard on the naturally aspirated 2WD "S" with no power window or center door lock.

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PAJERO MINI  1904081043EVE

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