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Business trip to Zambia

I have visited Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in East Africa, but this was my first time in Zambia.
Zambia is actually one of the top exporters of used cars from Japan to Zambia, with about 20,000 used cars exported from Japan to Zambia every year, and always ranks high in our sales ratios.

Zambia, which is rich in copper and other resources (copper mines), is expected to grow economically in the future, even within the African continent. The people of Lusaka are warm and welcoming to foreigners, which is a valuable asset (or rather culture) of this country, and foreign investment in the country seems to be revitalizing.

I love the atmosphere of every day is like Sunday, but everyone is desperately trying to live every day, which is unique to Africa, and I love the land of Africa because it gives me a lot of strength.

While experiencing this unique African country of Zambia, I had a "Face to Face Meeting", which is the main purpose of my overseas business trip, and met with many customers and partners to discuss what the future.
Although there were many unfeasible discussions, I was pleased to see that vehicles, agricultural machinery, and construction equipment are indispensable to Zambia's future development, and that we can provide further support from faraway Japan.

I believe that the importance of talking about the future face to face will not change no matter how technology develops in the future, and it is very enjoyable and stimulating to visit local places, breathe local air, taste local food, walk local streets, and talk to local people.

While being flexible to change with the times, we want to build partnerships with foreign countries by appreciating things that do not change. This trip made me realize this once again.

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