Cargo crane "Zest EX series"

Since its launch in January 2008, the cargo crane Zest series has been popular as a long-selling model. The quality and comfort of operation continue to be evaluated by many operators. In response to the “Revision of Mobile Crane Structure Standard” in December 2018, the highest level of “operability, workability, and robustness” was achieved with safety measures at the top. Tadano's confident work "Zest EX Series" has appeared.

New Central control panel
The upper part has a built-in digital display function for the actual load and the rated load when empty. In addition, a limit warning light and an outrigger extension state indicator light are installed. In addition, the total rated load table for empty vehicle and working radius-lift chart are displayed, and the function switches are gathered in the lower part.

Large screen color digital radio control
A new 2.7-inch color large-screen radio control is used. Work information such as actual load, rated load, and moment load factor can be confirmed at any time. In addition, because it is a reflective type that can be clearly seen even in bright places, high visibility is ensured even outdoors in fine weather.

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