Announced new EV series "TOYOTA bZ"

Toyota Motor Corporation announced the new EV series "TOYOTA bZ" on April 19 as part of the full lineup of electric vehicles, and at the Auto Shanghai, China, the first series "TOYOTA bZ4X" The concept vehicle of Toyota was unveiled for the first time.

Toyota is promoting a plan to introduce 15 EV models by 2025 as part of the full lineup of electric vehicles, of which 7 models will be introduced for the new series TOYOTA bZ.

Based on the proposition of reducing CO2 emissions throughout the life cycle, Toyota believes that the unique features of EVs should be utilized in the introduction of EVs, and Toyota is introducing them in two major directions.

One is to realize "Mobility for All" with a small number of people while building a new business model such as commercialization of battery reuse / recycling and services for customers. This is an ultra-compact EV equipped with a battery with a small capacity, focusing on short-distance use, and the C + pod introduced in December last year corresponds to this type.

On the other hand, the new EV series TOYOTA bZ is an EV that aims to be accepted by many customers in regions such as China, the United States, and Europe where there is a lot of demand for EVs and power supply from renewable energy. bZ is an abbreviation for beyond Zero, and we want to deliver value to our customers that goes beyond mere Zero Emission. Based on the EV-dedicated platform, it has the following features.

The cruising range takes into consideration the usage environment so that more customers can choose with confidence. An open and flexible interior space unique to EVs and a novel exterior design.
As for the TOYOTA bZ series, it is difficult for Toyota alone to introduce EVs of various sizes and styles that meet the needs of customers, so we are proceeding with development in collaboration with partners who have their respective areas of expertise. I will. By coordinating with energy policies that promote renewable energy, we would like to broaden the range of customer choices in each region where we sell, which will lead to further reductions in CO2 emissions.

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