Wheel loader is one of tractor excavators that runs on wheels. It is also called a tire dozer. It is a construction machine mainly used for loading powdery or granular materials such as earth and sand and crushed stone into dump trucks or working in short distance transportation in campus and can load a large amount of earth and sand at a time from a hydraulic shovel. Because it runs with rubber tires, excavating power is weaker than that of bulldozers and tractor shovels that have attached crawlers, but work to advance drilling is also possible if it is relatively soft geology.

Apparently it approximates to a shovel loader and the standard specification bucket can be said to be of the same shape, but the shovel loader is not capable of digging the road surface with the front wheel two wheel drive and it is difficult to travel on uneven ground, soft road surface, steep slope Whereas the wheel loader is a four-wheel drive and has the ability to dig down the road surface, it is possible to travel on rough terrain, soft ground road surface, steep slope ground, etc. Differences in working performance and running structure of aircraft are large, The shovel loader is classified as a cargo handling machine, and the wheel loader is classified as a vehicle construction machine (leveling, excavation, etc.). The wheel is a four-wheel drive. Steering is a center folding type in which the vehicle body between the front wheel and the rear wheel is bent, and since the front wheel and the rear wheel are together, the inner ring difference and the outer ring difference do not occur. The steering is hydraulically driven, and the steering angle of the steering wheel does not necessarily coincide with the actual steering angle of the rudder. The maximum traveling speed is 15 km / h for which small special motor vehicles can be registered, and 30 - 50 km / h for medium to large type ones.

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