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2012Year / LDF-KDY281 / 1KD Engine / 3,000cc

This is a 4WD double cabin. Perhaps it is always used with a few people on rough roads.
Uganda has become difficult to import old cars due to model year restrictions, but this year's TOYOTA DYNA can be purchased at a very reasonable price.

This is the 7th generation model of Toyota Dyna.

Introduced May 10, 1999. From this generation, it will be a jointly developed car with Hino and will be a common model with HINO DUTRO.

There are three basic vehicle types: cargo, dump truck, and route van. The body of the route van has been renewed for the first time in three generations, and the H100 series Hiace will be diverted after the B pillar. As for the back door, you can still choose between flipping up and double doors. Also, from this model, the parking brake handle will be changed from a stick type to a center lever type.

The KDY281 model is called CAMROAD and was developed exclusively for the base of a camper based on TOYOTA DYNA (TOYOACE). Campers are taller than ordinary passenger cars, so they have a high center of gravity, and because they have a large side area, they are easily affected by crosswinds. Uses a wide tread that expands (distance between left and right tires) by 250 mm from the standard. This greatly improves stability when cornering and driving at high speeds. Equipped with a "leaf suspension" that is specially designed for the number, length, and mounting position of the rear suspension in consideration of loading the mounting part of a camper that is heavy and has a high center of gravity. As a result, not only the ride quality but also the cornering performance is improved.

That's why this model is very strong and very useful on rough roads.

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