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[Everycar.jp I rate you the best thanks for the nice Hino truck you supplied me very excellent condition. My client is happy. I am hoping to do business with you soon. Keep it up, thanks.]

2001year , KK-FD1JKEA , 8000cc , J08C Engine , aluminum flat body ,

The aluminum body HINO RANGER truck is extremely popular on rough roads around the world, and has been a big success even after being used for a long time in Japan.

And Hino's J08C Engine is especially popular, and there are very strong requests from overseas.

The J08C engine type intercooler turbo engine has been fine-tuned according to regulations such as high rotation speed and injection pump adjustment, and it can blow up to the red zone without stress. In addition to being easy to handle, its durability and reliability are tremendous, and there is no doubt that it is literally the "driving force" that has completed the 15th consecutive year in the Dakar Rally. The maximum speed reaches 170km / h in combination with large tires.

In the case of an aluminum body, it can be expensive, so you can buy a normal flat body at a low price.

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