TOYOTA will set a new grade "PREMIUM CABIN" on the coaster, and it will be released on June 1 through Toyota vehicle dealers in Japan. "PREMIUM CABIN" is the highest grade of coaster that is particular about "comfortable and spacious seat layout" and "large luggage space" for special guests.

Specifically, in order to create a comfortable seating space, we have adopted five rows of seats, which are smaller than usual. By ensuring a front-to-back spacing of approximately 1 m, passengers who bring a lot of luggage for sightseeing or business can sit comfortably even if they leave their luggage at their feet. In addition, a luggage space and a double-door backdoor are installed at the rear of the vehicle, so that golf bags, suitcases, etc. can be efficiently put in and taken out from the rear.

The interior is equipped exclusively with PREMIUM CABIN, and a black seat skin that combines suede-like fine materials of blancnove and synthetic leather is used for the back and seat. Furthermore, the side trim is made of the same color fabric as the seat and carpets are laid on the floor passages and feet to create a high-quality interior suitable for PREMIUM CABIN. In addition, a sticker exclusive to PREMIUM CABIN is used on the exterior next to the center door.

In addition, as a convenient device, we have set up a USB terminal for charging PCs and mobile phones in the seat on the right window side.

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